Jack's Sales & Leadership Tips | Jack Daly

Jack’s Sales & Leadership Tips

Jack Daly gives 21 sales and leadership tips that inspire action and you can implement today.


  • Be unique — from reception to voice mail.
  • Never make a call without a purpose.
  • Ask questions and listen.
  • Selling is the transfer of trust.
  • Never quote price until you establish value.
  • Goals not in writing are dreams.
  • People like to buy, not be sold. Help them buy.
  • Trust trumps price all day long.
  • Things that get measured get done.
  • The best sales people are canned. Don’t wing it.
  • Model the masters. Learn from the best.
  • People are different. Sell accordingly.
  • We are what we think we are. Raise the bar!


  • Successful cultures need to be intentionally managed.
  • Hire slowly. Fire quickly.
  • Implement minimum standards of performance.
  • Recruiting is a process, not an event.
  • Start new hires with a celebration.
  • Recognition “systems” are a must.
  • Coach on the field, not in the locker room.
  • Salespeople grow sales. Sales leaders grow salespeople.


Trust trumps price all day long. How do you build trust with your prospect? By deciphering their personality, how they like to be communicated to and what is of most value to them. Jack Daly has defined a method to identify personality styles and character traits and how to communicate best accordingly, in order to build trust and make a sale based on relationship building.