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2-Day Model The Masters: Taking Action Summit – Washington, D.C.


END DATE: 03/13/2015

NAME: Gabriel Clift
EMAIL: Gabriel@jackdaly.net
PHONE: (855) 733-7378

NAME: 2-Day Model The Masters: Taking Action Summit – Washington, D.C.

DATE: Mar 12, 2015 - Mar 13, 2015

TIME: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

LOCATION: DoubleTree by Hilton Washington DC-Crystal City




An exciting new partnership between Jack Daly & Govindh Jayaraman, taking the best professional wisdom of others and bringing it to you!

In the NEWEST Jack Daly Summit, learn ways to turn the business goals you set in Jack Daly’s Smart Selling workshop into reality by TAKING ACTION!

We are proud to offer you a first time price of only $1,095! Sign up today and get a free copy of Paper Napkin Wisdom signed by Gov & Jack, and receive access to the all new PNW Goal Setting App!


 Jack touches on these ideas, and much more:

-Sports teams, at most every level, outperform most businesses. Find out how!

-Proven sales moves by the top 10% generate a disproportionate amount of sales. Here’s a look at what they are doing- Model the Masters!

-Leverage in sales means generating more business with less work. In this session we discover the “how”.

-Most businesses seek growth of the top and bottom line. Most fight hard for small, incremental gains. Here’s how the few breakout to robust growth.

What You Will Learn

Shortest Course on Selling: Learn to differentiate yourself from the masses.

Five Laws of Self Renewal: Learn time management strategies and beat back call reluctance.

Goal Setting and Measurement: Learn to build specific goal setting processes to ensure success.

Relationship Selling Process: Learn all you need to know to create and impart perceived value.

Building a Touch System: Learn to get through the gate keeper and get around the price objection.

Build Your Success Guide: Learn to prepare before the call instead of winging it.

Perception of Value is Key: Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition.



Delivered by Govindh Jayaraman & Jack Daly

We asked more than 1000 highly successful entrepreneurs to write down the most important key to their success, on the back of a paper napkin. We expected to find a magic wand to grow our business and design our lives. What we learned instead was so much more… Experience some of the world’s greatest business ideas at your fingertips and learn how to bring them into your life and business!

5-Steps to Success we found:

  1. Your secret weapon: mental toughness.
  2. Design your path: create your vision and core values.
  3. Your Playbook: create your roadmap and winning strategies to succeed.
  4. Key players: don’t do it alone, leverage an A team.
  5. The heart: prioritize the important over the urgent.

Bonus: Register today to receive a copy of their new book Paper Napkin Wisdom signed by Govindh & Jack and access to the all-new PNW Goal Setting App! Both book & app to be released 1st Q 2015.

“The napkins … will engage you in a way that allows you to drink from that well of universal knowledge and principles. I firmly believe that your commitment to this path, rather than the other path of chasing blinky-shiny objects, will allow you to operate more powerfully in the world.”

– Rick Sapio, A Billion Entrepreneurs.Org, Founder; Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc., Founder & CEO



Here’s what people are saying about spending time with Jack!:

“I am biased as I’ve seen Jack in person several times, and have had him out to speak to our group of presidents and entrepreneurs around the world. As a business owner who works with lots of startups and emerging companies we invest in – a staple for us once we invest is to ensure the owners and their execs are exposed to the Jack Daly authentic enthusiasm and methods of great sustained sales, management, and culture.”
Michael Beirne, Founder and Managing Partner of Vetted Capital

“Jack Daly’s separation of sales and sales management into two very distinct and different job descriptions is basic understanding yet so many companies consistently fail at this seemingly core competency…I have been involved with sales my entire life…I am an excellent sales person but a horrific sales manager for all the reasons described so eloquently by Mr. Daly.”
Jim Kalb, Owner & President of OptiFuse

“In a business world filled with “do as I say, not as I do” speakers, coaches and trainers, Jack Daly is a lung full of fresh air! Jack “is” what he says and does. No nonsense, no fluff, just give it to me straight Jack! Whether you are running a business, a marathon, a sales team or territory, Jack’s common sense approach to people, company culture and personal and business consistency is as good as it gets.”
Greg Grub, Vice President of First American Title Company

“I rate Jack Daly as the best business presenter I’ve seen. He is incredible and brings a mind blowing amount of energy and enthusiasm to his presentations.”
Toby Jenkins, Online Marketing Consultant at Bluewire Media, Sydney, Australia

“Jack makes it clear that you can’t manage and develop sales people part time or hire anything but the best if you want any chance at building an empire. His sales process checklist and ideas for the “success guide” and sales playbook for your sales people will make you feel like you’re leaving boatloads of sales on the table and keep you up at night until you have something similar for your company.”
Jeremy Pound, Co-Founder at Juicy Results

“Since seeing Jack live two months ago and applying many of his recommendations, every Account Executive on the team has exceeded their monthly new business quota. This is something that has never been accomplished since the company began expanding several years ago.”
Daren Tomey, Vice President of Sales at ProofHQ

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