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Sales Speaking

Sales Speaking

Jack Daly, a Professional Sales Coach and Speaker, delivers explosive sales keynotes, workshops, in-depth seminars and lively training sessions that inspire audiences to take action in the areas of sales, sales management, corporate culture, customer loyalty and personal motivation. Nationally known for his sales speaking ability and unique delivery style, Jack leads with content, contagious enthusiasm and leaves his audiences both wanting more and committed to taking action.

Jack brings 30+ years of field-proven experience. As the head of sales, Jack Daly has led sales forces numbering in the thousands, operating out of hundreds of offices. An inspirational leader of people and a builder of companies, Jack’s leadership as a CEO in several national companies translates to a sales speaker who is truly speaking from professional experience.

Jack Daly brings many years of “street tested” techniques and proven methodologies designed to pull higher results from your sales and sales management efforts. Thousands of companies and professionals have benefited personally, professionally and financially using the concepts learned through Jack Daly’s sales speaking and teaching.

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Here are four of Jack’s power-packed presentations that can help get your sales organization in gear!

Sales Management

The key ingredients to increasing profits are enhanced sales management and implementing field-proven strategies for productivity improvement. Jack’s Coaching Companies program is designed to make positive results happen through more profitable selling. The emphasis is on street-tested sales management techniques – not theories – that are able to be implemented immediately. When combined with sales techniques proven to build and nurture relationship selling, you are rewarded with repeat, longer term clients and, therefore, reduced sales and marketing costs.

Key areas covered include:

  • First Impressions… How’s Yours?
  • The Bare Minimum… Measure Everything!
  • Recruit Only the Best
  • Right! From the Beginning
  • Coach on the Field, Not in the Locker Room
  • Performance is History; Progress is Making It
  • Knowledgeable Companies Communicate
  • The Culture DNA
  • Doing Homework has Never Been so Rewarding

Smart Selling

Jack Daly believes that success is by design, not by chance. Using this formula for success, he has created his Smart Selling Programs to help Sales Professionals realize greater sales and profits! In this program, Jack Daly teaches field-proven, added-value strategies for productivity improvement while developing long-term client relationships. Thousands of companies and professionals internationally have benefited personally, financially and professionally using the concepts Jack teaches.

Key areas covered include:

  • First Impression… How’s Yours?
  • Backwards Thinking
  • Shortest Course on Selling
  • Five Laws of Self Renewal
  • Perception of Value is Key
  • Building a Touch System: Leveraging your Prospects, Customers & Clients
  • People are Different, Sell Accordingly
  • Relationship Selling Process
  • Building a Success Guide: Performance Follows Preparation
  • Recognition System: Don’t Leave “THANKS” to Chance

Corporate Culture:
Is Yours by Design or Default?

This session has been designed to help company leadership recognize the importance of a proactive corporate culture and its bottom-line effects on performance. Jack Daly’s corporate culture workshop provides innumerable examples and ideas that can make an immediate, positive improvement to a company’s culture.

Key areas covered include:

  • Goal Alignment & Ownership
  • Integrating Training Throughout the Company
  • Recognition Systems, with Many Proven Ideas
  • Proactive Communication Vehicles & Processes
  • Effective Quick Start for New Hires
  • Empowering All for Action
  • How to Prioritize the Customer
  • Leadership Styles Driven by Personality Styles
  • Unleashing Passion Throughout the Company

“Life by Design”:
Building Your Own Winning Life Plan

All too often, entrepreneurs and business owners invest and prioritize their time and energy to build a successful business at the expense of a successful personal life. It doesn’t have to be that way!
In fact, many of the habits, strategies and tactics employed with running our businesses can be successfully applied to our personal lives. In this highly introspective workshop, we will dig deep to discover the things we value most for life and how best to achieve and accomplish them. Learn how to live a more balanced life, prioritization of actions to build a quality life along with a quality business and a system with processes to make this an integral component of one’s life as opposed to merely an “event.”

Key areas covered include:

  • Success Stories – Look at What Others Have Done.
  • A Time to Think – Setting the Table.
  • Becoming Your Own Futurist – Your Life, the Overview.
  • The Scenario Plan – Four Critical Issues in Becoming Your Own Futurist.
  • Reality is What You Make It – To Find Happiness we Must Know Where we are Going & Have a Plan.
  • Self Renewal